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No marketing agency in the area would grant me an interview after I graduated college, so I said F*** it, I’m starting my own.

As soon as my parents brought home a computer, I obsessed with creating things with Microsoft Paint. When Geocities was popular in 1997, I started building websites. My first job in high school allowed me to create all the marketing collateral for a local YMCA. My job in college was to promote campus events. Digital marketing is in my DNA, and has been my love since a very young age.

After no agency would hire me after college, I took a job with a local manufacturing company. My boss said “We have this website, see what you could do with it.” They were generating <100 visitors/mo, so I made it my mission to drastically improve this. I went to work learning about SEO and referral traffic, and within a year, he was generating 200+ visitors/day! He then hit me with “That’s great, but what I really need is leads,” he was only generating 2-3/wk. So I went back to work and learned about calls to action and landing pages. Within the next year, he started generating 50+ quote requests/wk. My love for inbound marketing was born.

My boss was happy with my work and he suggested that I talk to his friends who needed marketing help as well, so I started freelancing. One thing led to another and I quit my job & started my agency. This was in Nov. ‘09.

Flash forward and IMPACT has grown to levels I could only dream about. After making every mistake an entrepreneur could possibly make, I found myself at the helm of something amazing. I get to wake up every day and come to work at a beautiful office with talented people and do what I love. Everything we do here at IMPACT is to help people and their organization succeed, that’s our purpose. At the heart of everything we do are our core values: passion, helpfulness & dependability.

One of my biggest passions is working with college students, especially those focused on marketing, entrepreneurship & sales.

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